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The 2022 Property Valuations will be available beginning April 19, 2022.
2022 Public Notice



Revenue Commission announces important delinquent property tax information
Delinquent Property Tax Announcement
Resolution 2018-107


Optional Personal Property Assessment Link
Beginning 2016 itemized personal property returns will be available via OPPAL, a web based program that will allow property owners to file their returns electronically.  This service will allow owners to file personal property returns using the internet.


Property Tax Bills - Change in Return Address
Read the "Change in Property Tax Return Address" Press Release

Act 2013-370 Excess Funds
Act 2013-370

Homestead Exemptions - Act 2013-295
Act 2013-295
Act 2013-295 Homestead Exemption Act memo


Act 2011-535 Immigration Act

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