Building Department
***Baldwin County Commission waives permit fees related to the repair of damaged residential structures caused by Hurricane Sally for six months.***

The Baldwin County Building Department is responsible for the permitting and inspection of residential and commercial construction (including new construction, additions, alterations, repairs, and remodeling) throughout the County's building permitting jurisdiction as required by the International Building Codes.

The county building permit jurisdiction includes all unincorporated areas of Baldwin County as well as the towns of Elberta, Magnolia Springs, and Perdido Beach. For properties located inside any city limits other than those towns listed above, the property owner or contractor should contact the specific city's building department office for permitting requirements and information. Click here for a list of municipalities inside Baldwin County and links to their websites.

In the portal, you may submit Planning & Zoning Department applications and Building Department permit applications. You may also upload construction plans and required documents, check application review status, pay fees, schedule inspections, and much more.

The portal is compatible with most tech devices - phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. You can log in anytime and anywhere - from your office, home, or even from the jobsite. The portal is most compatible with the Google Chrome internet browser.

Click to Enter the Citizenserve Portal

The Baldwin County Commission has adopted and enforces the International Code Series as noted below as of May 21, 2019:

  • National Electric Code, 2017 for Commercial Buildings and Residential Buildings containing more than two (2) dwelling units

Should any of the above-adopted codes have a minimum requirement that is in conflict, the more restrictive requirement will prevail and will be required.

NOTE: All new construction (including alterations) must have all structural components designed by an Alabama licensed design professional (architect or engineer). The construction plans must be signed and stamped by the design professional (architect or engineer).

Building Department Fee Schedule - Effective 11/02/2020

If the property is located within a zoned area of Baldwin County, the applicant must first obtain approval from the Planning & Zoning Department that services the property's location BEFORE applying for a building permit. Contact the Planning & Zoning Department for the property's location to verify zoning:

For any structural damage/repairs? Yes!
For any flood damage? Yes!
Repairing/replacing Electrical/HVAC/Plumbing? Yes!
Replacing broken windows or doors? Yes!
Repairing or rebuilding a deck or stairs? Yes!
Repairing/replacing a roof where roof-decking/plywood will be exposed? Yes!
Replacing a few missing shingles? No.
Small cosmetic repairs? No.

The Baldwin County Commission has agreed to waive permit fees related to the repair of damaged residential structures caused by Hurricane Sally for six months (through March 16, 2021). However, building permits are required. Photos of the structural damage should be taken prior to starting any work. We will need digital copies of the photos when you apply for your permit online in our new Citizenserve Portal. 

All repairs and construction must meet the adopted 2018 International Code Series and the Baldwin County Supplemental Code. Click on this link to obtain a list of those codes adopted by Baldwin County: You may also click here to view Roofing Requirements

Building Permit applications should now be submitted online in the Citizenserve Portal at

Please note for building construction or repairs, construction plans will be required. If the damage affected the structural integrity, the construction plans must be signed and stamped by a design professional who is licensed in the State of Alabama. Digital plans are now required since our permit applications are submitted online. 

Property owners or their authorized agent (such as a contractor) may apply for permits. If an authorized agent will be used, then both the property owner and the authorized agent must complete and sign an Authorized Agent Form.

If a property owner will be performing the repairs and work himself/herself, then he/she will need to complete and sign the Owner Acting as Contractor Form.

Once you have completed the permit application and have all required documents (including an approved Land Use Certificate if you are in a zoned area), you may submit your application online at

Ask to see their license!!!

All contractors working in the Baldwin County permitting jurisdiction are required to hold an active State of Alabama business license that is issued through any county in the state. For information on how to obtain the required business license, visit the County's Probate Office website at

Contractors who will repair or replace a residential roof with a job valuation (cost of labor & materials) over $2,500.00 are required to hold a home builders roofers license and a $10,000.00 bond. Contractors who work with residential structures with a job valuation (cost of labor & materials) over $10,000.00 are required to have a home builders unlimited or limited license. If the work involves more than one trade and/or affects structural integrity, the builder is required to have an unlimited license. You may search for licensed residential roofers and home builders on the State of Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board website at

Contractors who work with non-residential structures with a job valuation (cost of labor & materials) of $50,000.00 or more or who construct any swimming pool with a job valuation of $5,000.00 or more are required to have a general contractors license. Subcontractors performing minimum contracts including labor and materials of $50,000 ($5,000 swimming pools)  or more under contract to a licensed prime contractor must also be licensed by the General Contractors board. You may search for licensed General Contractors on the Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors website at

Electrical contractors are required to hold an active Master Electricians license from the Alabama Electrical Contractors Board

Plumbing contractors are required to hold an active Master Plumbers license and gas contractors are required to hold an active Master Gas Fitters license from the Alabama Plumbers & Gas Fitters Examining Board.

Mechanical/HVAC contractors are required to hold an active HVAC license from the Alabama Heating & Air Conditioning Contractors Board.


State law requires residential construction to be performed by a licensed residential home builder. The property owner can apply for a permit under an exemption to that law. This exemption allows the owner of the property to act as his/her own builder even though he/she does not have a license.

You may build or improve your own residence, but it must be for your use and occupancy. It may not be built or improved for the purposes of selling or renting. If you place the residence for sale or rent within one year after the construction is complete, the law will presume that you built it for sale or rent, which is a violation of this exemption.

You may not hire or compensate anyone to supervise the building or improvement of the residence. It is your responsibility to make sure that subcontractors employed by you have the proper licenses required by state law and a State of Alabama business license issued through any county in the state. Your construction must comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, building codes, and zoning regulations.

By claiming exempt status, the property owner waives his/her rights for protection under the provisions of the Home Builders Licensure law. In the event of litigation involving activities resulting from the granting of a permit, the property owner may not make demand of any money from the Homeowner's Recovery Fund, established by the Home Builders Licensure law.

To qualify for this exemption, the property owner must review, complete, and return the Sworn Statement of Party Claiming Exemption from the Requirements of the Home Builders Licensure Law to the Building Department before the permit is issued.

FEMA Individual Assistance Website
Building Codes & Supplemental Code Adopted by Baldwin County
Coastal-A-Zone or V-Zone Design Certificate Form
Roofing Requirements & Inspection Information
Owner Acting as Contractor Form
Authorized Agent Form


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