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The Department of Budget, under the County Administrators direction, is responsible for the preparation and monitoring of the County's annual budget.

The Budget Division receives, assembles, and analyzes department budget requests and works with the County Administrator to prepare a draft budget that is presented to the Baldwin County Board of Commissioners. Budget staff members help departments prepare their budget presentations, provide staff support to the Board of Commissioners during its review of the proposed budget, and answer questions from the general public regarding the County Administrators proposed budget.

Once the County's budget has been approved, this Division monitors the actual spending of the department and assists department directors, Board members, and the public throughout the year with budget-related questions. The Budget Division is also responsible for reviewing all budget change requests and resolutions prior to submission to the County Administrator and the Board of Commissioners.

Contact Us

Ronald J. Cink
Budget Director

Fax: 251.580.2500

Christie Davis
Senior Budget Accountant

Fax: 251.972.6842