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** The maps displayed on this page may not reflect recent rezoning actions. Please submit a Zoning Verification Form at our online portal at CitizenServe to confirm the current zoning designation of the property.**

Below are PDF versions of all zoned Planning Districts detailing that district's zoning designations. Any Planning District not listed below is unzoned, and therefore, not subject to the planning and zoning authority of the Baldwin County Commission.

Baldwin County Commission
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Title Type Size
Planning District 4 South pdf 4074 KB DownloadPlanning District 4 South
Planning District 4 North pdf 2340 KB DownloadPlanning District 4 North
District 21 pdf 1162 KB DownloadDistrict 21
If the map you are looking for is not available, please complete the Custom Map Request Form and return it to your local Planning & Zoning Department office.

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