Coastal High Hazard VE - Zone Checklist

Contractor/Owner:  ________________________________________
Job Address: _____________________________________________

1. Temporary Benchmark must be submitted before permit is issued.

2. A “Finished Construction” Elevation Certificate must be submitted to the Building Department prior to a final inspection being called for.  Must have embossed seal and signature.  No faxed or Xeros copies will be accepted.

3. Engineer Stamped prints are required on all breakaway walls for enclosed rooms below the Base Flood Elevation, and structural components attached to main structures below Base Flood Elevation.

4. No Electric, Plumbing fixtures, HVAC systems or Hot Water heaters are allowed below Base Flood Elevation.

5. There shall be no man made alterations of sand dunes in any VE-zone.

6. Top of Swimming Pool walls must be level with Adj. grade or Engineer approval.

7. Top of concrete slabs must be level with Adj. Grade, or Engineer approval.

8. All construction material used below Base Flood Elevation must be Flood and Decay Resistant.

9. All propane gas tanks are to be adequately anchored to resist flotation or movement during flood events.

10. Enclosures below Base Flood Elevation shall be limited to a maximum of 299 sq. Ft., larger enclosed areas may be subject to higher insurance premium.

11. Bottom of lowest horizontal structural member must be elevated above base flood elevation.

12. Prints submitted for review must be stamped by a architect or engineer registered in the State of Alabama.

13. Free of Obstruction Requirements Technical Bulletin 5-08 will be available upon request for further information.

14. Design Guidance For Breakaway Wall Technical Bulletin 9-08 will be available upon request.