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So, you have made the move to paradise, the 7th fastest growing metropolitan area in the United States, a county 10 years older than the State of Alabama and the largest in the State of Alabama, encompassing over 1,600 square miles - now what?  With such a large and diverse county, it is difficult for new residents to know where to begin as they transition everything from schools to driver's license.  Below is a list to help get you started but it by no means covers everything.  

The County Commission's mission is to provide customer-focused services to people who live, work and visit Baldwin County so they can enjoy a safe and thriving community and experience our unique heritage and natural resources.  County, State, Federal and 28h Judicial Court Offices are often co-located in our facilities around the county for your convenience but navigating who does what can be a challenge.  If you have additional questions we encourage you to reach out to our Citizen Service Center by phone or email.  We want to be your "One Stop Shop" for Baldwin County Government services and information.  
*Indicates agencies that all new residents should contact to ensure proper vehicle registration, driver license changes and recording of property tax exemptions.

About Baldwin County
As a resident you may live in unincorporated Baldwin County or you may live within the borders of one of our 14 Towns and Municipalities.  This will determine what entity provides many of your services.  
Addressing / 9-1-1 Addressing
Issues new addresses in Baldwin County

Receive emergency notifications and other important community news alerts

Baldwin County Public Schools

*Baldwin County Solid Waste Trash/Garbage Pick-Up
  Mandatory for unincorporated Baldwin County. See Municipalities if inside city limits.

*Car Tags / License Plates and Titles
  Probate has 4 convenient locations in Baldwin County and many online services. 

Community Overview

Council on Aging 
Services, programs and classes for senior citizens

*Drivers License  or Out of State License Transfer 
These are two separate agencies sometimes located within the same facility.  Which office you need will depend on whether you are moving here from Alabama or moving from another state.

To speed up the process, appointments can be made ahead of time with both agencies. If you do not already have your STAR ID, consider getting the STAR ID Endorsement added to your Alabama License. STAR IDs will be required to board flights beginning May 2025 if you do not have a current passport. They are also required to enter certain federal facilities. There are no additional fees to receive a STAR ID.

Download Baldwin County Apps

*Revenue Commissioner
Maps, appraises and assesses property then collects property tax.  Contact to ensure you have proper exemptions applied related to property tax. 

*Register to Vote

Utility Companies

If you can't find what you're looking for, please visit our "How Do I" knowledge base to search for answers to your questions, call our Citizen Service Center at 251.580.1695 or email us at CitizenServiceCenter@BaldwinCountyAL.Gov

Please view our Visitors page for community events and further information.

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