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Stanley Vinson, Baldwin County Coroner

Marital Status: Married, wife's name is Lisa
Children: Two sons; Logan and Ethan

Experience: Numerous death investigation schools, including the Office of Medical Examiner's in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the School of Medicine in St. Louis, MO, the Medical Examiner's Office in Miami-Dade, FL and the Medical Examiner's Office in Pensacola, FL.  Mr. Vinson has served as District Director of the Alabama Coroners and was Deputy Coroner for 16 years under the supervision of Huey A. Mack, Sr. and James L. "Doc" Small.

The Office of Coroner of Baldwin County is an elected constitutional office. The Coroner is elected every 4 years by popular vote. Once elected the Coroner must complete specialized training in death investigation and undergo continuing education each year.
The Coroner is responsible for the determination of the cause and manner of death of a person who dies and is not under medical care. All traumatic deaths such as murder, suicide, accidental, motor vehicle and drowning are required by law to be reported to the Coroner. Any person who may have died of natural causes, but was not under a doctor's care, by law, must also be reported to the Coroner's Office. It is the final responsibility of the Coroner to execute and file a Certificate Of Death with the Baldwin County Health Department (251.947.3618). The Coroner must also review and certify all persons who desire to be cremated at the time of their death.

In order to determine the cause and manner of death the Coroner may request an autopsy be conducted by the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences located in Mobile, AL.
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