Baldwin County has a new online rental assistance application to make the process easier for applicants moving forward.
*Please note that the rental assistance program has a new phone number and email address*


Struggling to Pay Rent and/or Utilities Due to COVID-19?

Baldwin County is participating in the U.S. Treasury Emergency Rental Assistance Program to provide emergency rental assistance to Baldwin County residents who are at risk of experiencing homelessness or housing instability due to the COVID-19 pandemic.



If you have applied to the Baldwin County Emergency Rental Assistance Program at baldwinaltogether.net please email any documents or application requests to erap.info@baldwincountyal.gov


Please apply at erap.baldwincountyal.gov after September 15, 2021.


Email: ERAP.info@baldwincountyal.gov

Phone: 251-239-4360

  • Tenant resides in a rental unit within Baldwin County
  • Household experienced a reduction in income, incurredsignificant costs or experienced other financial hardship duedirectlyor indirectly to COVID-19
  • Tenant has received a past due rent notice, past due utility notice, an eviction notice, or is experiencing housinginstability
  • Household income does not exceed 80% of area median incomelimit (AMI) for Baldwin County, as defined by theDepartment of Housingand Urban Development (HUD):
Household Size
1 $45,400
2 $51,850
3 $58,350
4 $64,800
5 $70,000
6 $75,200
7 $80,400
8 $85,550

What Does the Program Cover?
  • Past-due rent
  • Rental late fees
  • Forward rent payments
  • Past-due utilities
  • Reconnection fees
  • Relocation expenses
Required Documents
  • Photo ID (Primary Applicant)
  • Lease (Must be uploaded to include all dates within rental arrears and forward rent requests) -

    Expired lease - for all rental arrears before current lease Current lease - for all rental arrears and forward rent Written attestation from landlord that states the dates, monthly rate, and late fees Late Fees - must be stated on the lease for payment Utility costs included in lease are considered rent

  • Proof of income (All household members 18+) -

    4 paystubs Unemployment statement 2020 W2 Written attestation that member is not working

  • Covid Hardship -

    Pandemic unemployment Loss in wages Written attestation stating COVID Hardship

  • Past Due Rent and/or Utility Bill Notice -

    Proves housing instability If uncooperative landlord – payment to renter goes off last late notice

  • Landlord Ledger (will be requested after all documents are verified) -

    If landlord is cooperative Landlord Driver’s License Landlord W9 Landlord proof of ownership

  • RAC or Tenant Acknowledgment
  • Utility late notice (electricity, gas, water,sewer, and trash removal)
  • Relocation Expenses (if homeless or evicted) -

    Eviction Notice Attestation of hardship Hotel Bills Future Lease (itemized with deposit) Pays all rental deposit, utilities, and 3 Months forward

  • Reconnection Fees -

    Reconnection Notice

  • Applicants requesting assistance again -

    Proof of income (verify under 80% AMI) Attestation still experiencing hardship If direct tenant payment – must provide canceled check/receipt that ERA payment received went to landlord/rent